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Would you like to be profiled on our site?

If you’re a Brockport Sociology alum, we’d love to hear from you.  Where are you?  What have you been doing since college?  How have you used your sociological imagination since graduation?  We would also like to be able to share stories of your struggles and triumphs with current and prospective students.

If you’re interested in sharing some stories about your successes and challenges, we’d be interested in featuring you in an “alumni profile” on our departmental blog.  Please contact either Professor Melody Boyd ( or Professor Tristan Bridges ( if you’re interested.

Do you have something you want to “blog” about?

We’d also consider posts from current students or graduates from the program.  If you encountered something that turned your sociological imagination on high and you want to share, please consider contacting us.  We’d love to help you put a post together.  We’ve listed a couple of suggestions below to help you consider how to write a blog post.

Blog Post Guidelines:

  • Try to think of a clever way of introducing the topic you’re writing about in a brief, but catchy introductory paragraph.
  • What sociological research, theories, terms, or ideas relate to what you’re writing about?  Consider how, specifically, they relate and explain that as simply as you can.
  • Try to keep your post to about 6 paragraphs or less.  Considering everything you want to say at the outset will help you keep your post brief.
  • Edit your post to be sure you’re clear and that you articulate your points clearly.
  • Finally, add a few hyperlinks to relevant articles you site, news that relates to your topic, scholars’ websites or Wikipedia pages who you reference.  Links make a post more exciting to read.
  • At the end, add a couple of sentences that tells us who you are, when you graduated (or when you will graduate) and what you’re doing (or what you plan on doing).

We’re excited to hear from you!

–The Sociology Department @ The College at Brockport, State University of New York


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